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Reengineered for Reliability


Reengineered for Reliability

Detroit Diesel, at the time a division of GM, was producing oil inlet assemblies in house. Their part incorporated a tube with two castings, a screen and a cup. The castings would need machining, then tack welding to the tube. Next, the subassembly was silver soldered by hand. Finally, the cup and screen were bolted on. These parts were costly for the customer to produce and there were failures occurring in the field. High-Star worked with DDC and developed an assembly using lightweight stamping that we mechanically rolled and crimped together. This eliminated the casting and machining operations and saved DDC manpower and money. Next, the assembly was sent through the copper braze furnace to complete the part. This whole process, with the finished product seen above, provided a lighter and stronger part at less than half the price than what DDC had been paying. These are parts that High-Star is still supplying to DDC to this day.

Reengineered Oil Pick Up Tube Assembly
Reengineered Oil Pick Up Tube Numbering

Services Provided:

  • Redesign for cheaper, stronger parts
  • Stamping
  • Mechanical Rolling
  • Mechanical Crimping
  • Brazing
  • 24 Oct, 2018
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