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High-Star’s Innovations Cut Costs and Enhance Durability for Detroit Diesel


High-Star’s Innovations Cut Costs and Enhance Durability for Detroit Diesel

Summary: High-Star Corporation revolutionized Detroit Diesel’s oil inlet assembly production, transforming a costly and failure-prone process into a streamlined and reliable operation. By shifting from a labor-intensive casting and machining approach to lightweight stamping, High-Star not only reduced production costs but also delivered a stronger and lighter part. The new method resulted in less than half the original costs, contributing to High-Star’s continued supply of these parts to Detroit Diesel.

Industry: Automotive Manufacturing
Category: Process Reengineering for Oil Inlet Assemblies
Processes: Lightweight Stamping, Mechanical Rolling and Crimping, Copper Brazing.

Detroit Diesel, a division of GM at the time, was grappling with high production costs and performance issues in their oil inlet assemblies. Their original manufacturing process involved complex steps such as machining two castings, tack welding them to tubes, hand silver soldering, and finally bolting on a cup and screen. The method was not only expensive but also prone to failure, raising concerns about long-term viability and operational efficiency.

Reengineered Oil Pick Up Tube Assembly
Reengineered Oil Pick Up Tube Numbering

To address Detroit Diesel’s concerns, High-Star devised a novel approach. We replaced the original castings with lightweight stamping that could be mechanically rolled and crimped together. This change eliminated the casting and machining steps altogether. To finalize the product, we sent the reengineered assembly through a copper braze furnace, ensuring optimal durability and quality.

High-Star’s reengineered solution led to transformative results for Detroit Diesel. By eliminating labor-intensive casting and machining processes, we reduced the workforce requirements and slashed production costs. The newly engineered assembly underwent copper brazing, providing a far stronger and more durable product. Remarkably, these improvements were realized at less than half the price Detroit Diesel was previously paying, reinforcing the value proposition of our innovative approach.

High-Star Corporation’s expertise in cost-efficient manufacturing and design optimization paid off in spades for Detroit Diesel. By reengineering the oil inlet assembly process, we delivered a high-quality, durable, and cost-effective solution that continues to benefit Detroit Diesel to this day.

  • 24 Oct, 2018
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