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Dump Gate – Re-engineered for extended Durability


Dump Gate – Re-engineered for extended Durability

The photo above is a good example of a product that High-Star provides to the cement production industry. The dump gate is used in mixing cement in preparation for use. The stone and sand are poured into the mix through the dump gate. Due to the fact that stone and sand are very abrasive, the dump gates have a short life and needs to be replaced often. Our customer came to High-Star to produce replacement dump gates for their machines. The originals were rough made units. We looked at making them in smaller production runs using CNC machining, laser cut parts and better quality steel. This ultimately resulted in the production of a better dump gate that will last 25% – 50% longer for the same price as that of the original with the shorter life span. We were able to also add the bonus of faster service to our customer on top of this.

Dump Gate. finished

Services Provided:

  • Redesigned for faster manufacturing and increased durability
  • CNC Machining
  • Laser Cutting
  • 1 Nov, 2018
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