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High-Star’s End-to-End Quality Control Delivers Uncompromising Engine Mounts


High-Star’s End-to-End Quality Control Delivers Uncompromising Engine Mounts

Summary: High-Star Corporation showcases its commitment to quality and precision in the production of engine mounts, which are manufactured in low-volume runs of 25 pieces, two to three times per year. From raw material acquisition to plasma cutting, MIG welding, and CNC milling, every step is performed in-house under meticulous quality control. The process ensures 100% conformance to customer specifications, exemplifying High-Star’s comprehensive capabilities.

Industry: Automotive and Mechanical Engineering
Category: Small-Volume Engine Mount Production
Processes: Plasma Cutting, Hand MIG Welding, CNC Milling, In-House Quality Control

Engine mounts are crucial components that require top-notch precision and durability. These are produced in small-volume lots of 25 pieces, making the cost and quality factors particularly sensitive. Given the low volume, there’s no room for error, and each part must meet the customer’s stringent specifications.

High-Star took an end-to-end approach, handling everything from raw material procurement to the finished product. We sourced 3/8 & 3/4 steel plates as raw material, which were then plasma cut into sub-components. After cleaning, the parts were hand MIG welded and then machined in a CNC mill to complete the job. Quality Control monitored each step, ensuring that all components were in 100% conformance with customer requirements.

High-Star’s meticulous approach led to a product that fully met customer specifications, despite the challenge of small-volume production. Every phase—plasma cutting, MIG welding, and CNC milling—was executed with the highest level of precision. Quality Control monitoring at each step ensured complete adherence to customer requirements, effectively reducing the likelihood of defects and returns.

High-Star Corporation’s end-to-end, in-house production capabilities were brought to the forefront in this small-volume engine mount project. With a commitment to precision and quality control, we ensured that each of the 25 engine mounts produced in each run was up to the exacting standards expected by our customer.

  • 1 Nov, 2018
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