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High-Star’s Redesign Enhances Durability and Cost-Efficiency for Diesel Engine Computers


High-Star’s Redesign Enhances Durability and Cost-Efficiency for Diesel Engine Computers

Summary: High-Star Corporation took on the challenge of redesigning a complex, leak-prone, liquid-cooled heat-sink for a diesel engine computer. By introducing a two-piece design that employed precision machining and copper brazing, High-Star not only eliminated leak issues but also reduced the overall cost for the customer.

Industry: Automotive and Computer Hardware
Category: Heat-Sink Redesign and Manufacturing
Processes: Precision Machining, Copper Brazing, Spot Welding

The original design of the liquid-cooled heat-sink presented numerous manufacturing challenges. It involved a three-piece stamping that required silver soldering and pressure testing. The complex design and soldering process led to multiple potential points of failure—primarily leaks, creating a need for a more reliable and easier-to-manufacture design.

To tackle this issue, High-Star suggested a more straightforward, two-piece design. The new design involved machining a path for the diesel fuel into a solid steel plate. Copper wire was then placed into the machined path, and a steel plate was spot-welded on top to secure the copper. To finalize the construction and ensure durability, the complete plate was sent through a braze furnace.

High-Star’s redesigned heat-sink demonstrated a multitude of benefits. Our precision machining and spot-welding techniques contributed to the elimination of leak-prone areas, thereby significantly enhancing the reliability of the part. The copper brazing process further ensured that the new design was durable and capable of withstanding the operational stresses it would face. Most notably, our innovative approach resulted in reduced manufacturing costs, providing the customer with a cost-effective, yet superior, solution.

High-Star Corporation’s expertise in thermal management and precision machining led to the successful redesign of a liquid-cooled heat-sink for diesel engine computers. Our design not only met but exceeded expectations by delivering a durable, leak-free, and cost-effective part.

  • 1 Nov, 2018
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